Security Access Systems Auckland are one of the best ways to control entry to a building with either multiple employees or multiple tenants. Access control is widely used within commercial properties and are primarily designed to increase security by giving organisations the means to either grant or restrict access for individual employees as they see fit and more importantly, allows them to trace an individuals movements within the building.

digital access control auckland

Each access control system is different and varies in size which ranges from a single door in one building to multiple doors in many different buildings across the country which can all be controlled from a central location. Commercial door entry systems and Digital Access control Auckland is a great way to track, trace and audit individuals within an organisation such as banks, government offices and financial institutions whereby data kept on site is sensitive and therefore needs to be restricted in certain parts of the building.

To gain access through an Access Control System, the unit will require the user to present some form of recognition before access is granted. This can take either the form of an access card, a pin number or in more advanced circumstances, biometrics such as voice recognition or fingerprint scanning. Our systems are fully installed and set up by our technicians who are qualified and certified locksmiths. They will set up the software and programme the system to your specific requirements.

The main advantages of Access controls in Auckland is that if a user loses a key card or similar, it simply gets deleted from the system and a new one gets issued. This is far cheaper than replacing a lock,, especially if several people use the same entry point. In the long run, we recommend all business to consider access control as an option moving forward in the new digital age.

digital access control auckland

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