What is Lock Rekeying?

Lock Rekeying in Auckland is a process whereby our trained professional technicians change a locks cylinder tumblers to different sizes and in theory, change the internal workings of the lock. This then means that a new key can be cut specifically to fit the new lock barrel arrangement without actually having to change the lock itself.

Advantages of Lock Rekeying

When moving into a new home, either as a tenant or as a a new homeowner, you should consider getting your locks rekeyed Auckland if they havent already been done. For nothing more than peace of mind, its best to get this job done yourself so that you are certain there is no duplicate keys still held by agents or the previous owners. In the case of tenants, keys get cut many times due to being lost and the property changing hands often. Getting the locks rekeyed will ensure complete peace of mind that you are the only one in possession of the keys to your property.

Lock Rekeying Auckland is generally much, much cheaper than having all your locks changed and can be done in half the time by our fully mobile, 24 hour locksmiths.

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While lock re-keying generally improves security around your home or office, it can also be a great way to make entering your property more convenient. By rekeying all the external locks in your home to the same format, you simply need one key to enter all the doors and with an unlimited amount of locks being able to be configured for use with one key, it’s a great choice by many.

Advantages to commercial premises are the fact that you can rekey locks based on an employees security level. One can can open all doors just the same as one key only opens 2 doors so its easy to restrict access.

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