Prevention is always better than the cure when it comes to home security in Auckland and the easiest and cheapest way to secure your home is by placing good quality locks on all the major access points into your property which are usually the doors and accessible windows. Its easy to overlook some of the common easy access points to a property and that’s why our team of qualified lock technicians will advise you on the best and most cost effective locks to suit your needs and level of security required.

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Window Locks

Window Locks in Auckland come in many different shapes and sizes and the ones best suited for each application really depends on the type and size of the window in question. In most cases, window locks can be fitted in minutes with minimal drilling and will provide added security to you and your family by preventing an intrusion from the outside. We supply and fit most types and makes of window lock Auckland and provide a low cost fitting service that is both quality, quick and affordable to all. Call us today on 09 950 8446 for 24/7 after hours service around the clock.

Door Locks

We stock a large range of both interior and exterior door locks in Auckland and provide a supply and fit, replacement and repair service for all makes and models or lock both new, old and antique.  If you have broken your door lock, need it replaced due to wear and tear or simply feel its time for a security lock upgrade, give our team of professionals a call today for the best and most up to date advice as well as the best prices and quality of workmanship Auckland wide

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We supply and fit a wide range of locks for windows and doors including deadbolts, padlocks, internal door locks, locks for garages, gates, shed and outhouses as well as home security features sure as spikes and iron bars. Call us on 09 950 8446